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something new coming soon!  


mmm, cookie dough 

what is dough? it's cookie dough, plain & simple. yes, you can bake it. yes, you can eat it raw. sure, you can smear it all over your face if you want...we're not going to tell you what to do. but we will tell you...its good stuff.


eat it raw

really. open the jar & grab a spoon, heck if want - you can even forget the spoon! that's all there is to it.

all of our doughs are made without raw egg, and produced with safe to eat raw flour. we love raw dough, and we think you should too! 


bake it

ok, sure sure - raw cookie dough is great and all...but sometimes you need something warm & fresh out of the oven. that something should pretty much always be a delectable, freshly baked cookie. all of our doughs are ready to bake - you just need to get them onto a cookie sheet and into a hot oven. freshly baked cookies here we come. 


and that's not all! 

that's right folks! your brand new dough is the all-in-one tummy satisfier!

but joking aside, the possibilities truly are endless. we'll share some of our best creative dough ideas and recipes with you and we'd love to see your creations too! share and post on social media with #doughlove 

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