hello from me & the new dough love blog!

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^ right before my baking adventures began

^ right before my baking adventures began

Dough loves, 

I'm here to share a bit more - about myself, as the creator of dough (hi!), the recipes I create and play around with and much more! Safe to say this space will mostly be baking related with a little DIY sprinkled in - I'm so happy you're here to join me! 

About me: 1988, San Jose, CA - on a cold December morning, I was born. Kidding, this story is not starting there. But I was born in San Jose and I've lived in California all my life - so if any of you lovely readers are Bay Area bloggers, dough appreciators, dog lovers, baking enthusiasts, or antique market aficionados - say "hi!" & lets hang out :)

When I was growing up, my mom was just an occasional baker, she cooked dinner for us every night (by us I mean myself and my seven older sisters, my dad, and my grandma) but she wasn't the type to whip up a batch of cookies or cake unless it was for a special occasion. So I'm really not quite sure where my love of baking came from, or how I got started, and honestly I just don't know who in my house was reading that monthly issue of Martha Stewart Living (besides 10-year old little me).But somehow a little seed was planted back then that has continued to grow throughout my life.  

A few years into my love affair with baking, one of my sisters gave me the the Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Baking book for Christmas - have you seen it? (< the affiliate link will take you to the 2008 updated edition which I would absolutely recommend since it includes a whole new chapter on chocolate desserts!) It's a massive book full of beautiful photos and recipes for every type of baked treat you could imagine. It was my first real cookbook, and still one of my favorites (I'll have to dedicate a separate post to my massive cookbook library and the books I've so loved over the years). I remember reading that book cover to cover - and immediately getting to work on the recipes I earmarked (basically all of them).

And here is how I'll sum up the start of my love of baking as I turned through those cookbook pages: Usually a little messy, often covered in flour - I could mix and whisk and blend these simple, unassuming ingredients, flour, butter, eggs, sugar...and with a little time and my own two hands - I could create something so much greater than the sum of its parts. I would proudly call out to my family to come down to try what I had made for them - of course I didn't realize it then - but that's what I've always loved the most - bringing people together and spreading a little joy & sweetness.

So here I am - hoping to share that joy & sweetness with each and every one of you.