Can I really eat my dough raw? 

Yes! We know your mom may have scared you off raw dough, but this dough is made specifically to be eaten raw or baked! Every flavor we create doesn't contain raw eggs, they are also made with special flour that's safe to eat raw as well - and each and every batch of flour is tested for any contaminants before being shipped from the mill.   

When will my dough arrive?

We are currently shipping monday - thursday to ensure your dough arrives as quickly and as fresh as possible. And depending on where you're located in the US - it will arrive in 1-3 days! 

Is there an order minimum? How is shipping calculated? 

There is currently no order minimum, however it makes a lot of sense to order more at once! And here's why: since we ship via a flat rate calculated price the cost to you of shipping 1 jar is the same as it is for shipping 6 jars! The same goes for buying 7-12 jars. So maximize the economy of your dollar and load up those boxes with cookie dough! 

How long will my dough last? How should it be stored? 

Your dough is best kept refrigerated and will last 3 months in the fridge. You can also keep it out at room temp for up to 2 weeks if you just want a little snack to nibble on every now and then ( or all at once - we don't judge!)

I have dairy/nut/gluten allergies - can I eat your cookie dough? 

Yes! Unless specified, (i.e. peanut butter chocolate chunk) our flavors do not contain nuts and while they are made in a mixed facility, we make every effort to ensure cross contamination does not occur. The same goes for our gluten free and vegan flavors. We do carry some dairy-free flavors which are not completely vegan due to certain ingredients like non-vegan marshmallows, sprinkles etc.  

Have any other questions not answered here? Feel free to send us an email and we'll get back to you asap!